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I would like to take a second to say thank you to the drivers from Sutton that have come through. I typically have the same two guys and they are awesome. Always willing to help if need be and have great personalities. Way better than any other company I've dealt with so far.

Brett Pagel
Warehouse Manager

Thank you so much for being willing to work with us on this issue! You guys are one of the best carriers we deal with and we value our relationship with you very much. Your willingness to work with us on this just proves that again. Again, thank you very much and we look forward to working together with you for a long time!

Kevin Boldog
Vice President

I wanted to thank you so much for your quick and efficient service. I have to tell you that in the almost 5 years that I have been here, I have never had the excellent service that you have provided to me. You are a light, in an increasingly dark world of poor customer service. So thank you, I also am in Customer Service and I have very high expectations, as I also have to provide great service to our customers.

Diana Thielsen
Customer Service

You are such a good carrier and we love to work with you! Always reliable and fast! Customer service is awesome and your rate department always rocks! There are probably more workers whom we don’t talk to but they are a great part of your success! Keep up the great work and THANK YOU TO ALL at SUTTON!

Monika Tegos
Logistics Agent

I am very pleased with Sutton Transport, they are one of the best carriers to deal with and I have been doing this a long time!

Jeff Guthman
Shipping & Receiving

Thanks for the great service we get from Sutton. Everyone there is great to deal with and your equipment is top notch. Please let everyone know how much we appreciate what they do for us.

Rich Phillips

I just wanted to say Thanks for all that you and the drivers do. I handle a couple of different territories ie; WI, IN, OH, MI, IL, MN, TN and am pretty busy with all of them. WI is my main territory that I handle and with all of the deliveries I personally have to deal with and freight companies that I work with on a day to day basis, I hardly EVER have an issue with SUTTON. You guys are awesome. I understand from time to time there will always be issues- that's life. But I will tell you- I never get an email saying "SUTTON STRIKES AGAIN" - or "What do you know SUTTON had another damaged shipment" or "SUTTON decided that their driver was done for the day and went home" I know that you always hear about the bad things and people are always first to pick up the phone and tell you how mad/upset that they are, but can never pick up the phone that fast just to say Thank you. So, I'd really like to say Thank you, you guys make my job easy- you are reliable, you make my customers feel confident and are a great partner to have. It's really nice to hear them say, well if it's shipping Sutton then I know that they will be here at "00:00 time... but if it's shipping ***, then I'll never get it. So, if I didn't say Thank you enough, then I think there is room for one more.

Brittany Jensen
Customer Support Specialist

I have worked in the service industry my entire career and Sutton has been a great carrier to work with. You provide a great product with exemplary service and it has been my pleasure.

Joe Rizzo
Landstar Agent

We had a late order shipping and Sutton was able to get it within an hour. Our customer was ecstatic to hear that her order made it out that same day! Great job by your guys, you all came through for us!

Ivan Chapa
Shipping & Receiving

I absolutely love dealing with your CSR Magi when I call. She is friendly, smart and just an all around easy person to work with! I love when she answers the phone when I call to set up a pick up! I feel she goes above and beyond! You are lucky to have her!

Jodi Straus
Customer Service

Customer service like this is why I keep coming back to Sutton Transport!

Linsey Erlitz
Customer Operations

Your CSR Brittany is amazingly helpful, professional and has attention to detail. Your entire staff are great and I very much enjoy my dealings with them. You have a great crew, keep up the good work!

Joe Rizzo
Landstar Agent

Thank you for excellent service you’ve constantly given us this year. You impressed the hell out of the bosses and outside of some station to station moves we do, Sutton Transport is our go-to carrier for WI/IL/MN. Hats off to your staff – communication is excellent, paperwork flows, and the freight moves without any issues.

Patrick Julian
Domestic Truckload Operations

It's nice to work with your office… the customer service department and rate departments are great…keep up the good work!

Dean White
Business Development Manager

Sutton Transport is more than a partner-carrier for us. The Sutton performance reflects the same commitment to service that we provide our customers. Sutton is truly an extension of our people, our dedication, and our reliability. Together we have forged a relationship built on integrity and trust. Sutton is our Wisconsin solution - next day, every day.

Josh Francque
Double D Express

We've used Sutton Transport for 15 years. If you need and appreciate great customer service, competitive pricing and superior on-time deliveries, you really should speak to the folks at Sutton Transport today.

Howard Lamonthe
Business Owner

Very impressed with the service that Sutton Transport is providing along with the quality. We have never been more impressed with the EXCELLENT SERVICE. The drivers that go into Saputo are always very polite and courteous.

Julie Konkel
Traffic Manager

I have been very pleased with Sutton's performance as a carrier and the customer service has been outstanding. The personalized service that I have been receiving from them as well as other staff members at Sutton is something that is hard to find in this industry, and is absolutely a value-add for me.

Allison Swann
Traffic Manager

Sutton Transport provides the very best service. Sutton’s rates are also very reasonable. Sutton is the only carrier that I have found that combines top-notch service with reasonable prices. Usually with transport companies you get either service or price. With Sutton you actually get both. They are my favorite carrier.

John Ausprung

After well over a 5 + years, relationship expediting our products all around the country I have only good words to say about Sutton Transport. At first we were only doing 3-4 order per month, as the years went on we decided to increase our relationship with Sutton Transport. Now Sutton Transport is doing daily runs for ICM Corporation with a flawless record.

Bob Lewandowski
Senior Buyer / Project Coordinator

Sutton is our preferred carrier for both outbound and inbound shipments. As Sutton continues to grow and expand their territory, our business with Sutton increases. Sutton is a first class company with first class service and support. Their sales group and drivers are a great team to work with.

Randy Schemenauer
Purchasing and Materials Manager


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