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Sutton Transport reaches 99% On-time and Intact!

Sutton Transport reaches 99% On-time and Intact!

Sutton Transport is proud to announce we have hit the fifth consecutive week exceeding our 99% On-time and Intact percentage!  On-Time and Intact percentage takes into consideration; total bills, misroutes, OS&D issues, and missed pickups from each of our six terminals.
How do we calculate it?  There is a lot of research that goes into calculating the OT&IT percentage.  Each category is collected differently.  Total bills are straightforward, but necessary to calculate the overall percentage.  Misroutes include any order that was moved to any location other than the location it was supposed to go to.  Our Operations Management team researches what caused each piece of freight to be misrouted and determines which terminal is culpable.  The OS&D category includes any noted overages, shortages and damaged freight. Our Quality Assurance Team compiles a list of all of these issues and reviews each to determine which terminal is responsible.  This includes going through notes in our system, check-in manifests and reviewing notes from calls for the week.  For missed pickups, we use the McLeod generated Missed Pickups Report.  The terminal managers enter detailed notes on why the pickup was missed.  These notes show up on the report.  We then go through each one and determine whether it should be counted as a service failure and determine responsibility.  

After all the data has been entered into the report, an On Time and Intact percentage is calculated for each terminal and the company as a whole with the goal being 99%.  Analyzing this report provides the company some great insight as to where we need to focus our attention to improve efficiencies and lower errors going forward. This has been an invaluable tool for us to be able to identify where there are weak points in our operations and make improvements to provide the safe and reliable service our customers have come to expect from Sutton Transport.


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